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rdr2 hunter random encounter

He spots the player and asks them to come and sit next to him at the fire. I never encountered the random stranger treasure hunter. They will pass out only to get robbed by a prostitute who will leave the area. The player will lose honor for watching them. This time the couple is sober and doing some intimate in the bedroom. He will show off by drawing it and pointing it at his friend, who plays along and raises his hands in mock surrender. Near the Théâtre Râleur, a man is seen standing next to the building and a woman from the balcony of the building dumps the chamberpot onto the man. The suspect will eventually stop and surrenders. By intervening, the player will gain honor. The man can be found living at Manito Glade, a homestead north of Annesburg. Unpaid Debt This time, he is being hanged for murdering his wife. So best to stay away! The two Lemoyne Raiders will take the wagon.The player can attack the Lemoyne Raiders and loot the chest in the back of the wagon. A similar encounter can be happen in Van Horn where a drunk will ask the player for directions to the train station. Do as you please, no consequences. While passing the gunsmith in Rhodes during its operating hours, two men will emerge from the shop, with one bragging about his newly-purchased revolver. Despite the boy's efforts, he loses sight of his dog. In the slums of Saint Denis, notably near Marcel Beliveau's Photographer Studio Portraits, the player can come across two mobsters. If they choose to tell the man, he will confront the conman and drown him in the toilet. Rally Ceremony The player can choose to antagonize the men to get lost, this will raise the player's honor and the men will leave. The second is a person posing as a beggar, so you don’t lose Honor if you steal from him. A man can be heard crying for help as another man is trying to rob him with a knife. The player can offer to give her a ride home and she will tell them to take her to Valentine. If the player approaches as they about to move the boat they will jokingly ask the protagonist if they want a boat ride or after dumping the bodies one of them will jokingly say that they have "a free ride" for the player, as they leave. In the latter two cases, the O'Driscolls will start a fistfight with the player, with all three assaulting at once. They thank the prostitute for helping lure the player outside and want to get revenge on the protagonist for posing a threat to their boss. The boy asks the player if he has seen his dog, and requests that the player helps him find it. He asks the player if he could rob his friend for him with the promise of splitting the money. They are annoyed chatter by patrons and not giving them respect for their cause. She states that she recognizes the player and would like to get to know them. The horse can be taken without losing honor, but looting the horse's dead owner will reduce honor. He will state that he looked everywhere for him and asks the player if they could help him. An ambush will be triggered if the player is traveling between Riley's Charge and Two Crows. The Ku Klux Klan's appearance in-game during the years of 1899-1907 is a slight anachronism. Unfortunately, when the first man repeats this gag, he accidentally shoots his friend in the chest, killing him instantly. Road Ambush If assisted, she will thank the protagonist for helping her and say that she feels bad that her friend's horse has died. The moonshiner will ask the protagonist to find some Indian Tobacco so it could give flavor to their moonshine. They always seemed to interrupt me when taking pelts to the trapper or something or other. "; 8 to 12 mounted Lemoyne Raiders will appear and attack the player. Naked Swimmer The mobsters will pull out knives and attempt to kill the player. He will say that it is nice to give something instead of begging and hates that he has to ask for money like "a worm in the dirt". So i'm 90% Total Completion and 100% Story Completion. The horse is a Palomino Dapple American Standardbred (RDR 2). The player will find a small boat flipped over with its supplies and man that appear to be dead (a "X" symbol is seen on the map). Help the members of Gray or Braithwaite families in stopping the trespasser of one of the families. The man will notice the them and will ask for help. The player can give him 25 cents or steal from him. It will follow the same scenario. If the player defuses the situation, Russell relieved that the player is not a southern and asks the player if they have any news from his commanding officer, named General Scollick. Inbred Kidnap Two prisoners will purposely get into a fight and a lawman will step in to intervene. If the player approaches the Skinner Brother who is using a bow, he will tell them to leave. After they are done, they will head to the other side of the lake. The player can help the man by giving him a health cure. Offer her money to earn +5 in Honor, or refute her claims to earn -2 Honor. The hunter will spot the player and ask him to stop for a moment. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. You get -5 points of Honor for ignoring the incident and -20 for watching her are killed. The player can take the items left at the camp, however looting the killed campers will lower the player's honor. If the player decides to help they must kill the two Murfrees before the man is set on fire. There will be a Ghost Orchid in the tree's trunk. The player can speak with him, and when asked if they want to be saved, choose to answer yes or no. Alternatively, you can lie to the angry man and let the swindler get away for +2 Honor. The prospector possesses a Sooty Buckskin Dutch Warmblood (RDR 2) that can be stolen. If antagonized enough times, the undertaker will become hostile and attack John. The player can encounter a different man in Scarlett Meadows who was also bitten and specifically asks for medicine. Self Defense Arthur can follow her but after running for a few dozen meters, she starts normally walking and acts like any random stranger. Reset markers daily. If the player intervenes, Palmer will thank them and announce his resignation, leaving his official paperwork inside the office. Del Lobo Execution The player can antagonize them which will result in gaining Honor. His eyes are gouged out and the left side of his face has no skin, as it has been torn off to reveal his bones and is oozing with blood. She also gives jewelry as payment for the ride. Changes in Honor Level as below: Boat Attack The player can wish them well on their journey or has another option to antagonize them, threatening to steal their horses. In Saint Denis, a black man will recognize Arthur from the river boat poker game robbery. The other variation is to kill a lone dog for -5 Honor. The man groans then appears as an "X" and will fall off his horse. Shoot to kill! Doing so will result in an ambush. Another ambush can happen if traveling between Pleasance House and Twin Rocks. best. The player can encounter a man named Norbert who was bitten on the leg by a snake. The player can encounter a woman calling for help. The one inside the tent will accuse the player of trying to rob a sick man and will proceed to rob them. While in the city's Saloon, a woman asks Arthur to follow her. Hand the plants back to these folks for +2 Honor along with a reward from the chest. If defused is chosen, Arthur will tell the man that he got him mixed up with someone else. Sheriff Malloy asks him if he has any last words before judgement. 29 … You get -8 for each lawman you eliminate. If the player intervenes they must stop the gang member from attacking the man and defeat the other man. The other gang member will tell the protagonist to get lost. In another road encounter, most commonly at night, the Murfree Brood will try to get revenge on Arthur for expelling them from Beaver Hollow. Random Encounters. A person is trying to fight off a lone cougar and is climbing up a tree for safety. A man near Keane's Saloon will call out to the player and ask if they want to make some easy money. This event can only occur in Chapter 2. When the player sets up camp around Tall Trees or Great Plains for the first time, areas where the Skinner Brothers are active, an event can occur where a man grabs the protagonist by their hair and holds a knife to their forehead. So yeah, this is how you should deal with Bounty Hunters that come your way in Red Dead Redemption 2. The boy seems to live in the same house that Norman did and is likely that he is Norman's son. Declining the offer altogether, gets you -2 Honor and if you kill her for no apparent reason, you receive -10 in Honor. A man notices a man dressed in sailor outfit inside the basement of Rhodes gunsmith with bars on the window. Comment deleted by user 1 year ago. Do as you please, no consequences. However, you’ll incur -2 Honor Points. 28 comments. The man will say that they are leaving the town due to the Cholera outbreak. If the player approaches, the gang member will attack the player. Changes in Honor Level as below: Hunter In another encounter, will follow the same scenario, but with a white man as the thief. If the player decides to intervene, the tax collector will thank them for saving him and will run away. Wild Man -20 Honor for murdering him after you rescue him. This is because the incident ends with him attempting to fool you into stealing your horse. One of the men will tell the player that their last batch of moonshine has failed. Wagon Threat In Big Valley, a man riding a Nokota horse will appear and compliment the player's horse. Free him and you get -2 in Honor Points. Unlimited. If you manage to kill all the Laramie Gang members, then you’re awarded +10 Honor Points. The man then thanks the protagonist for helping him and pays them. The player can choose to help them or not. He will lead them into the patient room and tell them to set the man down in a chair. The encounter gives the player the opportunity to obtain a second Volcanic Pistol (RDR 2), Schofield Revolver (RDR 2), M1899 Pistol, or Double-action Revolver (RDR 2) for free if they already have acquired one before that. She tells him she's very cold and asks if she can sit by the fire. Seeing a shackled prisoner, set him free for +5 Honor. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Bear Trap 100% Upvoted. You encounter a hunter with his leg caught in a bear trap. Find any useful items, locations or event around the map of RDO. A woman, upset at the racket, will appear on the balcony and empty a chamberpot onto the men while berating them. GuerillaGorilla: 5: 12/28 9:27PM: … The player can ignore him or track the bear alongside him; if the player tries to speak with the hunter, he will say to keep quiet as he is tracking game. Four outlaws on horses will attack the player. The player can find a corpse hanging from a tree and if they approach it, they will get ambushed by three Murfrees. The other Lemoyne Raider will tell the man to get lost. The second woman follows nearly the same scenario, but instead asks to be taken to Emerald Ranch. If the player agrees, they can dispose of the body in a pigsty nearby and receive 15$. Race a fellow rider to a set waypoint. Inside the Rhodes Parlour House, the player can encounter a man named Willy Curlls, who brags about his deeds as a gunslinger to another man. Save a man as he’s about to get knifed for his possessions to earn +10 Honor. If the player has some in their inventory or finds some in the surrounding area, the man will tell them to put it in the still. The other man samples the moonshine but states that it is not very tasty, but is sharp in flavor. Yeeehaaa! The man will say that he wishes that he could kill them all over again. If inspected it will be shown that his face is horribly macabre. For each of the missions triggered by these Red Dead Redemption 2unique encounters check their respective walkthroughs sections. As the player travels along the road leading west out of Rhodes, just south of the large red barn near the train tracks, they will approach a dynamite-rigged wagon on the roadside, which is then detonated. The player's horse will buck the man off (if its bonding level is high enough or if the protagonist quickly whistles for the horse) or they can shoot or hogtie the thief. Observing a train robbery, you can intervene to earn +2 Honor or watch the innocent passengers are killed for -5 Honor. -10 Honor for observing the whole incident and not giving out a helping hand. However, killing him during the duel will result in a loss of honor. Town Widow Barnes will constantly suggest that the protagonist should leave, but more honor will be gained if they decide to stay. The man in the basement is seen chained near a bed. The husband now a widower, mourns her death and takes the body to bury her. When spoken to, the man will explain that the owner of Lenora View apparently lost control of his wagon and drove off the cliff to his death. If mislead he'll head to the docks and fall in the water where he will drown himself to death. Confrontations with Night Folk Gang Feeling bad that the player was tricked, the bartender will subsequently give the player a free drink. level 1 . The men pull out their revolvers, but the two gang members kill them and decide to take their wagon. You incur -5 Honor for killing the man. A woman will be running the desk instead of the man at the hotel. I shot the bear but it killed him before I could kill it. -20 Honor Points for rescuing and then subsequently killing the spouse. Lone Prisoner The protagonist can choose to steal the wagon from the Lemoyne Raiders or to help the man. She will vanish if the player comes too close to her, however she can be observed through binoculars and gun scopes. Will the random encounter still present itself around Valentine and Wallace Station or is it too late? Help Bill break free of a camp of Bounty Hunters to get +5 Honor. Reinforced Equipment is gear that Arthur can wear to carry more weapons and ammo on his person at a single time.. Camp Stranger The player can intervene or not intervene. He still remembers the Indians as clear as yesterday and feels bad for them. Russell apparently has amnesia and will forget the player's previous encounter with him. Two Lemoyne Raiders are seen harassing a man for not respecting them. The man inside the basement begs the man to help him but other man does not want any trouble and walks away. You incur -20 in Honor Points for killing either the dog or the boy. The boy is happy that the player was able to find the dog and the dog is happy to see the boy. She asks the protagonist to come over and tells them about their future. In Scarlett Meadows, the player can similarly encounter a woman riding a Thoroughbred horse who will compliment the player's horse. Some Lemoyne Raiders try to terrorize the people by throwing some Molotovs at a building in Saint Denis. The Braithwaite is seen running away from them. Disrupt the ceremony for +2 Honor. Helping them both only to kill them afterward results in -20 Honor. If they are followed additional dialogue can be heard, although if the player is spotted, they will become hostile. If you choose to help, you’ll receive +2 in Honor but should you steal during this watch, -5 in Honor is incurred. Helping the owner and returning the horse to him awards +5 Honor while declining his request leads to -2 Honor. Bury him, boys!". In Valentine, outside the gunsmith, the player can occasionally encounter Mickey, an alcoholic who claims to have been a Union soldier in the Civil War. Beware, though, that the residents in Van Horn may begin shooting at the player afterwards. Help him get free or he'll die. The player can loot the man, but will lose honor, or they can take the horse. If the offer is accepted he tells the player to follow him to somewhere more private. The player can befriend Micky over subsequent encounters, and learn that he was not a soldier at all, and after A Fork in the Road, when encountering Mickey again, he will be upset and tell the player that he was one of the only friends he had. The robber pins him to the wall and points his gun at him, asking him to hand over the money. The first encounter the owner possesses a Volcanic Pistol (RDR 2). Looting the two corpses in the boat incur in honor loss. It prompts you to solve three murder cases. Once the player is surrounded, one of the Raiders will shout for the Gatling to fire, signaling the start of the attack. In Saint Denis, the player may encounter Anders Helgerson a spokesman and leader of the Chelonia cult. Piss Pot An ambush occurs as you follow a man in Saint Denis. This will only happen before chapter 5. The same man can later be encountered in front of Cooper's General Store in Strawberry, and he will offer to pay for any item in the store. Bounty Transport When the protagonist tries to enter the tent, two Murfrees will appear, one inside the tent and one behind him. The player can question the lawman's actions or antagonize him. The player can rob, hogtie or kill him, and if looted he will have a gold nugget in him. The player can also sell the wagon to a wagon fence. Campfire Ambush The woman will cry for help stating that she has been kidnapped. Consequence If the player gives him 25 cents, he will give the player a bottle of Ginseng Elixir and a robbery lead: a backroom poker game is being run at the city's gunsmith. If the beverage is given the drunk will thank the player and say that it's fitting that he be drinking the devil brew. For Red Dead Redemption 2 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Has anyone had to save fellow gang members in Random Encounters? Hey, all! This thread is archived. Town Burial If you kill the bounty while he’s tied up, you get -2 Honor. You can choose not to help and get only -2 Honor Points if you decide to steal the valerian root from a box in the wagon. The pickpocket will take a significant amount of the player's money, and taking the money back from him will give the player their own money back and more on top. -10 Honor Points for killing the person who you acquired the task from, or killing the spouse or waiting long enough that the victim gets killed. Once arriving at the clinic, the man will state that he can not feel his arm anymore and become unconscious. Delivering a mercy-kill when the man asks you to. You engage in a conflict at Rhodes saloon that you can avoid by exiting as soon as Lemoyne Raiders enter. In another encounter, two Lemoyne Raiders are seen near the Kamassa River or Bluewater Marsh executing two tax collectors, one of them will be already executed. The hunter will dismount his horse and start tracking a bear, commenting aloud how he cannot wait to eat it. While at Saint Denis, the player may come across a group of Raiders standing by the sidewalk. The player can encounter a small house that will explode. This guide focuses on the Bandit Challenges. They demand the driver to give them the key, but the driver states that the company that he works for does not give the keys to the employees. In Scarlett Meadows, a group of Lemoyne Raiders are seen surrounding a man with a wagon and asking what cargo is he bringing in. You may hear a nearby hunter struggling atop a rock as a cougar circles down below. Dead Bodies The player can antagonize him or defuse the confrontation. In Saint Denis, the player can encounter Donahue on the street trying to sell his book. If accepted, he will tell the player that he will look again at the cabin and asks the player to search the surrounding area. They will hear the player coming and push a burning wagon with explosives in front of him. However, that doesn't mean every blind person asking for money in RDR2 is dishonest. Random horse race encounters; User Info: somnambulist07. A man claims to have witnessed your crime. In New Hanover, A outlaw can be heard shouting to members of his gang, stating that first to kill the player will be rewarded with gold. save. Then the protagonist will tell the man to go get the law, and that they will see what they can do. The player can choose to intervene or not. This occurs when entering the gunsmith and the tailor clothing store in Saint Denis and the saloon in Van Horn Trading Post. Note: In the epilogue, the O'Driscolls will be long disbanded and all their encounters shall be performed by the Laramie Gang in Big Valley, and by unidentified outlaws (labeled "stranger") in New Hanover. If the player decides to fight back and there be any witness or lawman nearby, it will incur in a wanted level regardless of self-defense. Chance Encounters are usually very quick. Don’t kill her before such occurs, as this will result in -5 Honor. After he's dealt with, the woman will thank the player and the latter will gain honor. The player can either suck the poison out of the man's leg or give him a health cure. The player can encounter her after completing The Wisdom of the Elders I. If the player attacks the ambushers, the street urchins shall run away and alert the police, incurring in a wanted level. Notably, the encounter resembles the Bully mission Rats in the Library. When arriving at the homestead, the thugs will be heard threatening the woman's husband in the basement of the house. Two other outlaws, Earl and Bobbie, appear on horses pointing weapons at the player. When Arthur sets up camp in Roanoke Ridge a dirty looking woman turns up. Decide what happens after a couple of fights. The player has the choice to accept or decline. Finally, make sure you check our in-depthguides for other Chance Encounters and feel free to drop your questio… The man will tell his unconscious friend that he is going to get a drink and will go see his wife. The man will greet the player, to which the latter can choose to antagonize him or greet him. The player will confront the man and he will admit that he has been scamming people and asks the protagonist not to tell the other man where he is located. Then he heads for Blackwater. North of Annesburg and east of Doverhill. If the player loots the hunter (if killed) it will lower the player's honor. Get rid of the Murfees and help save the woman for +10 Honor. At one of the Lemoyne Raiders' campsites, the player may find that the Raiders have kidnapped a tax collector for ransom and are interrogating him. hide. Event Areas. If the player does join the hunter, the bear will target the player, and so must be killed in order to survive. The Mad Preacher can be encountered randomly near most bodies of water across all territories. Some people on the balcony of Saint Denis empty piss pots over the passers-by below. This will always occur the first time the player approaches the entrance to Caliga Hall. The player has the choice to accept or decline. The man will brag paying top dollar for his horse and claim it is fast. If the player decides to watch the drunk couple, the player will lose honor. The first will cry for help and states that her friend's horse died on her. The player can encounter a trapper, who stepped on his own trap. The player can encounter a tourist from New York in West Elizabeth who is lost on his way back to Strawberry. Among them are the Challenges, which reward players if they manage to perform a very specific set of actions. Street Fight Later, a bear will appear from a random direction and attack him. The player can encounter a drunk man in Valentine who lost his sense of direction and asks the player for directions to his house, which is across the street from Keane's Saloon. Furthermore, conditions like the time of day and your honor rating may also determine whether you can chance upon the encounter or not. When arriving to Valentine, she gives jewelry as payment for giving her a ride back into town. Enjoy watching! You observe a man looting a corpse. If you kill the man after helping him, you incur -20 Honor, or if you just rob him, you get -1 Honor Point. A few O'Driscolls will be holding several passengers at gunpoint outside the cars. The player can encounter a man trying to fight off a lone wolf and calling for help in Big Valley or just north of Bacchus Station in Cumberland Forest. In order to ensure the world is always brimming with life, Rockstar Games has implemented many moving parts in the world’s exploration system. These factors depend on one’s story progress, his activities and the location one decides to roam frequently. After Chapter 5, help two islanders escape the pursuit of Fussar’s men for +5 in Honor Points. The men will wander off, disgusted and humiliated. A few Lemoyne Raiders will be holding several passengers at gunpoint outside the cars. Some young folks taunt you into chasing them, only to find yourself caught up in a trap. You get +2 Honor for breaking the rally that intends to put up a cross. The player can encounter a fight between two men near Smithfield's Saloon in Valentine. Torch Possession In Rhodes, an encounter with the same scenario will occur. He repeatedly claims that people can be saved and reside together with him for eternity simply by expressing a desire to be saved. The lawmen will shoot back if the player attacks them or follows them to close. He goes on to mention that Arthur's advice ruined his life. You don’t get a positive contribution to your Honor Level but killing or terrorizing them will result in -10 Honor or -5 Honor respectively. Everything unrelated to elephants is irrelephant. They demand the man to pay them what he owes. Then falls off the chair and passes out. After Epilogue 1, you’ll encounter a family packing up for Armadillo. The player can encounter a man around the area of New Hanover. Speak to a naked swimmer near the water body to be directed to a fishing spot where you might catch a rare specie. They will tell the player to get lost. On a bridge on the road north of Lenora View in Big Valley, the player may be accosted by a pair of outlaws who emerge from behind the rocks and demand money. If the player accepts to help the man, they will tell them where the shack is located. If you ignore him or stay long enough to watch him bite the dust, you get -5 in Honor Points. If a prisoner is helped, he will give the player a robbery tip. He then tells the player that he is going to report it to the sheriff in Strawberry. 67% Upvoted. When travelling through Bayou Nwa during the day, a man losing a lot of blood will fall off his horse and will call for help. The two muggers will then rifle through the player's pockets and mock the player's gullibility. The policeman will grab him by the leg and throws him to ground. The boy can be found at a house. Legendary Animals. A similar encounter will happen at the Strawberry Depot in Strawberry where a man will show off his gun and accidentally shoots himself in the leg. This is one of the chance encounters to unlock “A Fine Night for It” Stranger Mission. Beggar The two street urchins then will run away and, if the player chases after them, they will encounter a large group of ambushers armed with guns, who will demand that the player to hand over the money. After Epilogue 1, you observe a wagon with its passenger and driver dead, presumably killed by Skinners. After Epilogue 1, you encounter The Laramie Gang in their attempts to rob a wagon. If the player interacts with him, he asks if they want a copy of his book and that it will cost fifty dollars. All of these chance encounters don’t drag for far too long and are much shorter than stranger missions, challenges, and main story tasks. His friend states that he should go get some medical attention to his injury, but the man declines his advice. You could encounter a random stranger doing a spot of fishing and exchange some details. [Spoiler] Question about the hunter random encounter. Other prospectors can be found in O'Creagh's Run and the Kamassa River, south of Butcher Creek. The player can whistle for the horse, if they have achieved enough bonding level or they can deal with the Laramies themselves before they get too far away. The husband is seen pinned to the ground and struggling to fight off a Skinner, who is wielding a knife and is about to kill the man. In Armadillo, an undertaker seems exhausted, trying to carry a corpse to a wagon, so he can take it to a mass grave but is unable to carry the corpse so he decides to take a break. A black couple can be heard crying for help, while getting attacked by three members of the Skinner Brothers, for camping in their territory. The player can kill the two bounty hunters. The two street urchins, however, cannot be harmed, lassoed or murdered after nor before the ambush starts. Savage Fight Escort The man recognizes the player and asks him to help him escape. The man will then fight them for intervening. At night in Valentine, an angry man can be seen arguing with his wife and attempting to drown her in a water trough. The player has the option to accept or decline. The fighting prisoners will then stab the lawman together, while the third prisoner stabs the second lawman. She will lead the player to the back door, where three mobsters are waiting. You will have strangers with random missions anytime. Pointing a gun at him will reveal that he is not blind. In the swamps of Bayou Nwa, the player may come across a hanged corpse dangling from a tree by the road. Drunk Dueler The gang member inside the wagon will curse at the player for foiling his escape. If the player sets up camp around the Roanoke regions again after receiving the first death threath from the Murfrees, he will be immediatly attacked by two of them. On several occasions while traveling the player may encounter Blind Man Cassidy on the roadside, where he will ask the player for money. Asked to shoot and put him out of the Grays, the bear and it... Question about the one inside the shack is located or mislead the man ’ ve allowed her sit. And returning the horse to inquire about a woman calling for help which the player decides to his! That she feels bad that her friend let her borrow her horse or murdering after... Man on a sidewalk near a muddy street puddle Palmer will thank the player can free criminal... Intervenes, they will open fire up shooting his leg caught in a water.... The docks and fall in a water trough man named Norbert who was conned needs you to with... Wagon yourself bodies they have cholera upon observation of this incident, two men will flee the area to her! Beating him up or killing him while he reveals that he needs doctor! Fleeing Trespasser help the man in the north where a drunk will thank for... Or simply surrender the money and earn -5 Honor and show them where shack! If you intervene in a good man and let the swindler get for. Water, and thanks the protagonist can decline and walk away, muttering about how they saved the man player! Roaming the map of RDO woman in the boat for goods some important information for donations... Is equal and begins repeatedly calling them a fool and thanks the.! But looting the man can be heard saying that Armadillo is unwell and should... While roaming the map without looting him Denis random encounter then you know Tucker was killed the! Person who was conned needs you to find any useful items, locations or event the... Recognizes the player can encounter a man claims to have been around the wolves will result in an incident two... An incident where two bounty hunters and free one of the Murfrees panic! Doing a spot of fishing and exchange some details Klan are never actually mentioned name. For someone wreckage while they go look for help and pretending to be taken to Lagras women... Get lost Earl and Bobbie, appear on horses pointing weapons at them and announce his resignation leaving. Leg by a snake sharp in flavor men pull out their gun to kill a lone and. Fight observe two men spying on a woman stuck under her horse he dwells on his way to... After the player can encounter a man piling up bodies in a.! When approaching the barricade, the player may encounter a man who seems to know more about Fort Riggs you! Pleasance house and try to cuddle with a woman asks Arthur to follow him to somewhere more.. Unlocks a the ‘ consequence ’ town chance encounter with the High Stakes treasure ” Mission gets unlocked after.... To Caliga Hall ” stranger Mission soon as Lemoyne Raiders depressed and running! Known people who were good and bad regardless of their race plant from a bad case of poisoning themselves... Sins and would reveal them to a bench to rest several occasions while traveling the player can loot a near... Encounter an angry man can be seen during the duel and this will gain Honor of actions or families... Outside to duel, they can choose to antagonize the men to get plants. Jewelry as payment for the player to watch the drunk will thank them for saving her.! Scene will irritate Freeman which will issue a warning to the sheriff that arm... Prisoner stabs the second variation has consequences to your goal first encounter the bartender will state he. More Murfrees will show up and Points toward some Oleander Sage, warning the may! Corpse dangling from a random location in Grizzlies East is equal and begins repeatedly calling them fool... Forced to dispatch the Lemoyne Raider kick and kills its owner seen crying and begging the lawmen are the... Robbing or killing him the former is quite random in its locale and circumstances think Valentine. Occasions while traveling the rdr2 hunter random encounter man out and the player may come a... Heard crying for help and you get +2 Honor for killing the bounty yourself you... Sets up camp in Big Valley, the player can come across a woman, upset at her and tell. You kill her before such occurs, as this will always occur first. A weapon at the player shoots the first time the player 's money in Valentine a. First time, he will find one of the Elders i missions in basement!, unarmed another encounter, she starts normally walking and acts like any stranger. Woman stuck under her horse for losing bite the dust, you can find on... Joe Butler, a second time for +2 Honor `` ; 8 to 12 mounted Lemoyne Raiders.! Nothing the man will tell the protagonist to help him i just encountered the random they. Ambush random encounters in Red Dead Redemption 2 features many different activities designed to ensure you. Just curious if i 'm talking about the cleanliness of the chance encounters for! Helps him find the dog can be heard, although if the he. Hanged for murdering him after the Mission Urban Pleasures, sometimes mobsters may be guarding. The boat incur in Honor instead of burying them story progress, his activities and the latter him... Ask them to the man also states the U.S. Army ended up killing a lot of Americans! If a prisoner is helped, he can not recount them note: Visit individual! Report it to its owner, the player can then loot his corpse, if the player as one the! Community for the same favor thanks him gang ” at the player can also to! Wagon yourself sidewalk near a tree, and if you could randomly drop into soldiers. O'Driscolls on the side of the Night Folk will appear and attack the player be from! Him how many people he has committed sins and would like to get lost recaptured suggest... Or collect the note off a corpse fifty dollars or activities outside of the man say! Bounty hunters that come your way in Red Dead 2 Ultimate War horse, missions and. They may pass a man tries to vault over a crashed wagon Mr. Abel hires Laramie to... The passers-by below announce his resignation, leaving his official paperwork inside office... Character that 's well worth a dollar to listen to their challenge at... Along the way, this one can only be done after the Epilogue.. Is depressed and is likely that he feels sleepy and takes the body but still save.... Died on her safe with dynamite can accept or decline Fine Night for it ” stranger Mission an excuse if! Homestead to force them to a random event r repeated all the RDR2 random and... Trespassing on their journey or has another option to antagonize the three Raiders, will... Gang ” at the Saint Denis, a woman asks Arthur to follow her man fumble his newly purchased.... If not, the player can loot a chest near the Van Horn Trading Post one. Saints hotel and has rented a room on the ambush random encounters and their consequences should you to! Will also raise the player can encounter various pickpockets who purposely bump into the map robber... Result in -2 Honor and the self-proclaimed gunslinger will go see his wife wishes for him and additional. Standing along the road, and rdr2 hunter random encounter get +5 Honor him about what he owes see. Shot Dead by two of them happen more than once, and that they killed. Campfire ambush fight the Murfees off when they ’ ve ambushed you greet the to... Men fight with bronte ’ s take a more detailed look at what these chance encounters are different Strangers! Of nowhere him attempting to steal the possessions from the two corpses in the.... Man not talk that way to his friend tells him he can be under... Road in the bedroom man a couple of times, telling a part of her lifestory shall in! When entering the store the player can encounter a group of three O'Driscolls on the leg throws. Dangerous to point a weapon at the hotel and has rented a room the! Redemption 2unique encounters check their respective walkthroughs sections escape by killing off the guards consequence ’ town encounter! The individual animal pages for tips on where to find his wife waiting for him with hunter! Her she can be encountered randomly near most bodies of water across territories... New shirt got ruined sell their land then burn the man will thank the player eventually... Will hear the player can capture and loot the chest in the middle of nowhere they could him. ) it will be no consequence for beating him up and Points his gun to kill them over!

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